Eyebrow threading. Does it sound very painful to you? Not any more.

At Grace Hair and Beauty Studio, our threading artists are expertly trained to use a unique combination of treatments to create the “perfect arch” that can suit your face. Achieve a mini face lift in under 20 minutes with a great eyebrow shape from one of our-trained threading Brow Artists.

Situated in the heart of Berwick, our eye threading treatments are quick, clean and professional, to leave you with silky smooth skin and beautifully shaped brows.

Pop-in on your lunch break or post-work for a quick appointment with our experienced therapists and talk about your ideal eyebrow shape or hair removal preferences. Sit back while we delicately enhance the natural shape and beauty of your face.


A traditional technique to remove hair mostly on eyebrows, lips, cheeks, and chin to sculpture a very precise and defined shape.

eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Threading



Full Face Hair Removal

Full Face



Why Eye Threading?

  • It’s very quick and most effective way of eyebrow treatment
  • No need of messy creams or wax
  • It lasts for two to four weeks

Using just a thin thread, our eyebrow therapists in Berwick are able to remove hair from the skin.

Eyebrow shaping and eyelash extensions can tidy up the appearance, create arches or circular shapes, and bring out your personality. Just one threading treatment can metamorphose the complete look of an individual.


Clients are advised to avoid washing their face with water of a very high temperature. Often soothing skin creams or talcum powder can be applied onto the skin in order to cool it down after the treatment. You may find that the area will appear red for several minutes after treatment. In the majority of cases the redness will die down in up to 20 minutes.

Look Fabulous with Our Eyelash Extensions Treatment in Berwick

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